It was 14 years ago I opened the Moose microphone for the first time in my second tour here at 92 Moose. I say second tour because I also worked here part time from the fall of 1996 through the fall of 1997.

Previously to February 6, 2000, I was working at an adult contemporary station doing weekend overnights and working at the car part manufacturer, Nichols Portland.

Why did I leave a gig in South Portland? Nostalgia I suppose, that compounded with wanting to be on the air during daylight hours.

Jay Thomas, the Operations Manager at the time here hired me part time to work Sunday afternoons on the Moose and Sunday evenings on our sister station across the hall. For a very short time I was “Mike St. George” on B98.5.

I kept my manufacturing job throughout my part time months here before August of that same year when Mac Dickson brought me on full-time.

When think of how much time 14 years really is, it’s quite amazing I’m still here because of the nature of the business in general. I should Google it, but I bet the average length of a DJ in one place is probably about two years.

Even more amazing, 14 years here and I’m still one of the newer staff members. It's a testament to how great this place is to work.