There's soooooo much stuff on Netflix.  Movies, standup specials, complete TV series, and Netflix originals.

Before I signed up for the service, a coworker told me that you don't go to Netflix to watch something specific...  You go there to find something to watch.

Here are some of my picks for things you should be watching, but may have missed.

The Good Cop - Tony Danza and Josh Groban (the "You Raise Me Up" guy) as father and son cops in NYC in this dramedy.  Danza, who had gone to prison for corruption, is now out and living with his by-the-book detective son.

The Toys That Made Us - If you are a kid of the 80s or 90s, you need to watch this docu-series about the origins of some of our favorite toys.  Barbie, Lego, GI Joe, Star Wars, and more

Vexed - Toby Stephens and Lucy Punch / Miranda Raison play British detectives.  Lucy Punch (and Miranda Raison for the second season) play respectible DIs who are partnered with Stephens.  He's well...  See for yourself:

The Haunting Of Hill House - Shocker...  it's all about the haunting of a place called Hill House!  The limited series follows a family who, back in the early 90s, intended to flip the aging mansion.  But, and incident lead to the death of the mother and drove them from the house.  The show jumps back and forth between 1992 and 2018., slowly revealing what happened in the house.

Gundam Unicorn - Decent big robots anime series.  Unless you speak Japanese, you're going to want to change the AUDIO setting to English, though.  Makes for a lot less reading.

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