First off, let's get through the first two minutes of the pilot episode. This show starts out as almost every medical drama I've ever seen has (Especially HOUSE). A failing hospital hires a new director of medicine who immediately upon entering the building is already at odds with the Dean of Medicine and the board of directors- shocking! However, the show then takes a whole new (GREAT) turn. The apparent basis of this entire series isn't (just) going to be about solving perplexing medical cases that present themselves at a kid's talent show at the start of each episode, but rather this series aims to take on the world of medical care and it's repugnant bureaucracy. From the get go, our new lead begins firing department heads and surgeons who he believes are more intertwined with the billing department than with their own patients- score one for the good guys! You'd think it's all uphill from here, right? Wrong. His pregnant wife shows up in the ER with a severe uterus bleed and he (Dr Max Goodwin) finds out he has cancer in his throat. This show, though I've only seen the pilot, gets 10/10 stars!

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