Well, it has been ten years, it is time for a new design for the Maine driver’s licenses and identification cards.

According to the Maine Secretary of State’s office the new design features an outline of the State of Maine, the white pine cone and tassel (aka: state tree and flower) and the black-capped chickadee (aka: state bird), a potato field with a barn, sailboat, mountain, sunrise and lighthouse.  All very Maine.

That is a lot of imagery for a little card.

NewLicenseDesign2019. Maine Secretary of State Office
NewLicenseDesign2019. Maine Secretary of State Office

Maybe it is just me, but that light house in the lower right  looks a little ....oh I don't know....phallic?

The new cards will have a lot of tech build in for safety and security.

You don’t need to rush to get the new card…it will be waiting for you when your current ID expires.  The new design will be phased in this spring.

Visit www.maine.gov/sos/bmv for a full listing of all Bureau of Motor Vehicle locations and information about the online license renewal service.

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