Maybe it's just me but everything just seems to be moving so fast this year. It's only August, yet we've been talking back to school for two months, and just this morning on the air Kristi & I were talking about Trick or Treat on Water Street!

Well, you know who else is moving ahead with fall flavors already? Dunkin! Yep, they are turning up the pumpkin heat with an amazing fall menu that is starting on the 18th!

Get ready for new Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew...mmmm, coffee steeped in cold water for some 12 hours or so makes for an ultra smooth drink that gets even better with pumpkin flavor swirl and a new pumpkin cream cold foam, close your eyes and you can almost imagine the cinnamon, nutmeg, and hint of clove flavors shinning through. Also, don't forget about the beloved Pumpkin spiced latte.

Now pumpkin isn't the only fall flavor to be making an appearance, delicious apple flavors will be making a come back in the new Apple Cranberry Dunkin Refresher and the Apple Cranberry Coconut Refresher for when you are looking for a non coffee drink that is still super satisfying. The Apple Cider Donut will also be making a come back with plenty of cinnamon sugar...yum!

So maybe jumping ahead to fall isn't that bad after all...thanks to Dunkin.


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