Here in Maine, Travis Mills is a household name. Travis is one of five quadruple amputee service members to have survived such injuries from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Travis hasn't let those injuries slow him down. He's a Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient, President of the Travis Mills Foundation, author, husband, father, and so much more. Most recently, he's been hanging out with Mike Rowe, of "Dirty Jobs" fame.

Back in September, he was featured on Rowe's web series, "Returning The Favor." Rowe received incredible feedback, the people want more Travis! So he listened, and brought us, "We Bought a Lodge." Check out the teaser trailer below:

Nothing appears to be in production for the long term, yet. Do you think the world is ready for a show like this? Share the trailer and let your favorite networks know Central Maine has a hit on their hands (the fleshy kind and the 360 degree spinney robotic kind)!


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