According to the KJ, the Maine Principals Association and State of Maine officials released a joint statement saying they had come to an agreement on all COVID-19 safety guidelines.

The explained that football and volleyball would not be played this fall, but all other sports would be played.  Playable sports include golf, cross-country, and soccer.

As volleyball is an indoor sport and football has a lot of contact, they did not feel it would be safe.  They said there was hope those sports could be played in the spring of 2021.

The MPA also said that it planned to find alternative athletic activities for athletes who normally play football.  Flag football, for example.

There are other restrictions included in the agreement.  These include:  each school getting approval from their local governing board; no indoor practices can be held; crowd size at outdoor events is limited to 100 people, and everyone attending (other than players on the field) must wear masks.

Originally slated to begin this week, it now looks like the season will begin with tryouts next week.  The first games will be played on September 25th.


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