I just need like two people to tell me we're not crazy for waiting so long to start hanging things up on our walls. Please?

My wife Keri and I bought our house brand new exactly three years ago. We had just gotten married the year before and were pregnant with our now middle child, Gavin. Of course, since we bought the house brand new there was no paint on the walls, just primer. So we had to get the walls all painted before we could even think about hanging wedding gifts and photos on them.

You'd think that maybe we would have had the painting done a few months after moving in, right? Wrong. As a matter of fact, it wasn't until we were nearing Dawson's (our youngest son) due date that I finally got my a** in gear and got the painting done. This was literally 4 months ago. I know, it took me almost three years to paint the house, I get it. To my defense though it's a 2,200 square foot 3 bed / 2 bath and has two living rooms. So give me some credit, okay?

Now that the painting is done it's finally time to start hanging things up. We have tons of Pinteresty looking wall decor as well as butt-loads of picture frames that were gifted to us at our wedding that need to be filled with photos. Just this past week we finally ordered dozens of printed photos to get the project started and yesterday we put about 40 or so photos into frames. We're just waiting on the command strips I ordered on Amazon to arrive to start the actual hanging process.

So, while the decorating isn't quite done (or started) yet, I'll keep you updated on the progress and use it as a method of holding my own feet to the fire to get it done!

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