When I got home last night, I got told that my mom had sent me a box.  After chopping through the half roll of duct tape she sealed the box with, here's what I found inside:

Clearly, this is what I get for calling her when I was in the middle of dealing with a bad cold.

This is not the strangest box I've ever gotten from her.  When I was in college, she decided to mail me a package of frozen meals (and some other things).  For some reason, she assumed that I was way more responsible than I really was.  She sent it on a Thursday going into the 3 day Labor Day weekend.  I never got to the apartment complex office (where the mail was) that Friday, so it was Tuesday before I got to the package.  I learned pretty quickly why there was something leaking out of the box.

Mom, thanks for all the books, toys, CDs, and vitamins you've sent me ever since I left home.  I love you!


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