We have forward movement regarding news on the ferry from Portland Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. Assuming the US government gives the OK, the Nova Star can start selling tickets as early as one week from today! The company that sails the ferry will receive their “Certificate of Performance” within a few days and then they will be good to go as a business.

The only real snag still left is insurance for the passengers on board. Once the boat has their liability coverage they are free to set sail over the Bay of Fundy or Gulf of Maine, whatever you call it!

I said "forward movement" because before anything could go further the Nova Star Cruises Ltd needed a two million dollar bond from Nova Scotia in case tickets bought now out of the gate needed to be refunded due to cancelled crossings.

The boat, Nova Star has 163 cabins and travel 1215 passengers across the Bay of Fundy on a daily basis. It looks like the service to and from on the Portland-Yarmouth run will begin on May 15th with the first run going to Yarmouth from Portland.

The ship will have slot machines, restaurants and other amenities. Tickets will start at $79 one-way for passangers.

Brochures and other details will be available shortly. Passport laws apply.