In the weeks since the explosion at Farmington's LEAP building, it's not surprise that calls about propane smells have seen a drastic increase around the state. The LEAP disaster even prompted dozens of Maine fire departments to engage in new gas leak training for their fire fighters.

Though a lot of these new calls can end up being false alarms, a lot of the time they are not. A smell of propane was reported today at around 9:40 this morning on High Street in Farmington.

According to the KJ, the initial call came in from 119 Lake Ave, but after investigation and another inbound emergency call, they quickly realized the smell was coming from 216 High Street from a 10-unit apartment building.Dead River technicians investigated and found a leak around a propane gauge. They brought in a truck, pumped the gas out of the tanks and replaced the gauge. The road was closed for about an hour and no injuries were reported.

Back on November 18th, another call had come in and firefighters had discovered another leak in Farmington. A check valve had been discovered leaking propane into an unoccupied building at 274 Front Street, the home of a future childcare facility. That leak was repaired promptly by Irving technicians.