In an update to a story we brought you last night, rescuers from multiple Central Maine agencies have located a small twin engine plane that went down late yesterday afternoon in Litchfield, Maine.

It all started when bystanders at the Meadows Golf Club heard a plane go down and crash. This prompted a large response from Monmouth, Gardiner and Litchfield Fire departments to the area of the crash.

First responders shut multiple roads down as the search was going on. Eventually, officials were able to locate the Beechcraft BE99 in a field near Litchfield's Buker Pond. First responders say that preliminary findings showed that the plane was a small twin-engine freight plane that appeared to have to souls on board. Body parts were reportedly located in the wreckage of the plane.

Buker Pond, Litchfield
Buker Pond, Litchfield

The Kennebec Journal is reporting this morning that the plane, a Beechcraft BE99, was operated by Wiggins Airways. Wiggins operates as an 'all-cargo' airline and travels to locations between Pittsburgh and Presque Isle.

It's being reported that the small plane originally took off from the Auburn-Lewiston Regional Airport at about 2 in the afternoon on Tuesday and was headed for the small town of Wales, Maine. Sadly, the plane never made it that far as it went down near Buker Pond at about 5:45 on Tuesday afternoon.

The KJ reports that the National Transportation Safety Board will be taking charge of the investigation into the crash and from this point forward will be providing updates in the investigation. We've also learned that the FAA will be posting an incident report on their website, likely later today.

Our thoughts go out to everyone involved in Tuesday's crash.

This story will be updated.

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