If you're a frequent flyer of the Moose Morning Show or the all-new Moose Morning Show On Demand Podcast, then you know one of my family's most favorite activities is camping. However, we never just go camping by ourselves, after all, what fun would that be?

We've been camping for several years with the same group of friends and all of their kids. And, this year, to celebrate our several years of camping together every season, we had custom hoodies and tees made.

With a little campfire creativity along with the incredible help from Made By Jade, our fun little idea turned into reality. All of the kids, oh which there seem to be hundreds, have their very own t-shirts that read "I'm only here for the s'mores" on the front, and on the back had their name followed by "camping crew". Even the babies got camping crew onesies!

The adults got the hoodies, naturally. On the front of our black hoodies is our first name, camping crew and the initials PL, which is a story for another time..maybe. On the back of our hoodies is a picture of a cornhole board along with the phrase 'sinkin' and drinkin'. Again, if you know me and my friends, cornhole is pretty much life, mostly because it doesn't require physical fitness and I don't get sweaty playing it- usually.


While all of these things makes camping with our friends that much more special, none of it would have been possible without our fearless leader Carolyn Blais. We often sit around the fire at night and come up with seemingly silly ideas, and the next thing you know, days later, our ideas become a reality.

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