It was an amazing weekend with friends as we get ready for the arrival of baby Dawson here at the James' household. Typically you get your baby shower with your first baby, not typically subsequent ones after that. Well, Dawson is going to be my third son and Keri's second- and we still got one!

First of all, big thanks to our friends Carolyn, Michelle and Becky for helping to put all of this together and for making the day super-special. And, thanks to Michelle and Josh for hosting this at their home so we didn't have to have people in our house- double win!

The day also wouldn't have been complete without the amazing cake and cupcakes from Mad Batter Cakes in Vassalboro. They were so tasty, and subsequently all gone! I mean, you can't have a great party without delectable treats, now can you?

Now, before you go accusing us of trying to "kill your grandmother" because we were with a bunch of people that didn't have masks on, it was a drive-by baby shower. It's actually exactly what it sounds like. People could drive up all afternoon long, drop off the presents they had brought, walk the food table line for some goodness, and then shoot the breeze for a bit before getting back on the road. It was perfect! And no, really, people have accused me of "trying to kill their grandmother" because I've been out without a mask. People really are that insane.

Also, thank you to everyone (especially my cousin Amy) for taking so many pictures during the 3-hour party. It made putting all these photos for you to see so much easier, mostly because I never remember to take pictures at these things. As a matter of fact, I didn't even know where my phone was for most of the day (shocker).

Dawson James Baby Sprinkle

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