Greeting from the deep corners of my mind. How to avoid the little bugs that cause illness. Now with the coronavirus, this has taken on new meaning for me.

CBS News did a story about paper money and the virus.  It turns out the risk of getting sick from money is fairly low.  Since it would ON the money and not like to become airborne again good hygiene would go a long way to any potential hazard you may face from touching paper money and coins.

I would assume the same would go for coins and mail.  After you deal with it and are done. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face.  I will admit, I had a bunch of quarters I needed to do laundry.  I came home and washed and dried them.  Took a few minutes and made me feel better. 

There is research going on to how long the virus is active on different surfaces.  There does not seem to be solid answers but it can be active hours to days depending on variables like what surface it is on.  Just assume there are germs on the money and act accordingly. Wash your hands and don't touch your face.

But wait, there is more. 

Think you are good if you use your debit/credit card or pay for something with an app? Maybe, maybe not.  Just remember when you use your debit/credit card at the grocery store, ATM or gas station you still have to touch things to do that and then touch your card again.  Hey, I will admit, I wipe after I swipe.  I wipe my card down after I have been out and about.  I have been using a paper towel to touch any of those buttons or use hand sanitizer right away.  As for the apps?  You are touching that phone. Phones have long been a source of germs and bacteria and now is not different.  Keep your phone clean too!  Take it out of the case clean that thing and make sure you wash our hands and don't touch your face. 

Oh did I mention...wash your hands and don't touch your face? 

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