It's that time of year again...Father's Day Weekend AND the Trek Across Maine for the American Lung Association! This year, Marie-Anne celebrates her 8th year biking the 180, plus or minus, miles from Sunday River to the coast. It use to end at the Owl's Head Transportation Museum but now winds up in Belfast. A much nicer choice for a Father's Day ending because I get my gift...lunch at Rollie's Bar and Grill!

My first observation is a bit off topic. The sign in the picture. Does THIS look like a sign that should announce your arrival at a premier New England ski mountain? I've seen better signs at lawn sales! I digress.

The trek is a huge fund raiser for the American Lung Association. In fact, it is their biggest! Pretty impressive for l'il ol' Maine, huh? Over two-thousand riders and several hundred volunteers stay the course for the three-day journey to the sea. Yes, I've been asked. No, I haven't even considered it. Does that make me a bad person or just lazy?

This year, for the first time in 7, my daughter Michelle is NOT riding. She got the necessary pledges but then scored a job, her first as a newly licensed Registered Nurse, at Maine General. I'm so proud of my baby girl's work ethic.

Michelle and Marie Anne in Belfast
Michelle and Marie Anne

Bottom line, to coin a Bob Marley bit, is, beware of the bikes on the road this weekend. They're all riding for the love of biking and for pulmonary health. Please, do your part in keeping them safe.

Trekkers, thank you for all you do and for all the money you raise!