According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, a Poland daycare needs to spend $13,000 in order to keep its kids safe.

Jan Jordan has been complaining about the dangerous traffic in front of her daycare, on Route 11, for years.  She says drivers go way to fast and, in November, there was a near miss involving a large truck and a school bus.

In an attempt to keep her kids safe, she went to the RSU 16 board to ask for help.

They agreed something needed to be done.

The board immediately shut down the bus stop in front of the daycare.  A stop where nine elementary kids get on the bus.  The plan was to re-open the stop following the  installation of a flashing warning sign just down the road from the stop.

According to Jordan, the school system now expects her to pay the bill for the sign.  She said, initially, she had asked about who would be funding the sign and was told not to worry about it.  She said she doesn't want to have to close her daycare of 30 years, but does not have that kind of money.

RSU 16 Superintendent Kenneth Healey says when he told her not to worry about it, he meant they would front the money and she could repay it.  He says he doesn't feel right about spending taxpayer money on a sign in order to keep a for-profit business open.

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