I’m sure you've heard that tonight's annuitized Powerball jackpot is estimated to be about $425 million. I wasn’t going to buy a ticket, I was going to wait and see if the jackpot ballooned up even higher for Saturday, but I succumbed to the fever of it all.What would I do with $425 million? Glad you asked. First of all, I would take annuity if I won the jackpot unless it was split 100 ways. I’d call an attorney and figure out the best way to come forward with the ticket. Now for the spending and using, I'd pay off the house or just sell the one I have and move into a new house and pay for it upfront.  Of course that is pending on approval of the wife and kids. Then I’d knock the credit card balances. Not that I’m over my head, but that would be the next step.

I’d buy new cars for myself and my wife. Modest rides, but vehicles we want, not comprising because of rebates and deal “spiffs.” This is very important too, I’d put aside probably $1,000,000 for the kids’ college education. All of this done and we’re still at a million and change.

I would invest the bulk of it in safe stocks, bonds, metals, etc. I’d give a good chunk to charities I believe in and help out my extended family as they have done for me and our family in the past.

I’d like to say I would continue to work. I think idle time and a lot of dough leads down a path of personal destruction. It would be nice to spend time working at something I love and being able to own my destination whatever that may be.

I could see my two dream vacations coming true, Route 66 in an RV and a train trip in luxury across Canada.

What would you do with the jackpot money? Would you go large or continue with modesty knowing that the rest of your life is taken care of? Even if you went bold and flashy you’d still have enough to live 10 lifetimes. What would you do?