This past weekend was a 'doozie' of a storm for many people across the state of Maine. Not only were we faced with large amounts of snow, but that snow was super-heavy and wicked wet.

Sure, it was great for building snowmen, but it was horrible for shoveling and plowing.

Oh, and don't even get me started about how the ground wasn't frozen enough and now a good portion of my driveway is on my lawn.

Well, buckle up, Maine, because another wicked big storm is just around the corner this week.

The only upside? You're not going to have to do any shoveling. The downside? You can pretty much say goodbye to any hopes of a white Christmas.

WGME Wind Graphic
WGME Wind Graphic

According to WGME Meteorologist, Christian Bridges, Maine's next big storm is set to move in during the day on Friday. Though like I mentioned previously, this storm, at least for Maine, isn't going to be a snow event.

While Maine will see rain with this storm, even heavy at times, the real story here will be the gusting winds.

According to Bridges, most places in Maine will see wind gusts entering the 60-mile-per-hour range while southern Maine, particularly the Portland area, could easily approach the 70-mile-per-hour range.

Take a gander at this wind gust map!

WGME Wind Gusts
WGME Wind Gusts

While it's going to be wicked-friggin-windy, it's also going to be unseasonably warm, too. Temperatures for most of us will be in the 50s for much of the day on Friday.

Couple those temperatures with all of that rain and, you guessed it, the snow is sure to melt. Oh, and after this storm is over, it's going to get cold. Wicked-friggin-cold just in time for the holiday.

Moral of the story? Make sure you are prepared for Friday by having extra fuel for that generator. Go out and get your bread and milk now, and just plan on hunkering down for the day if you can.

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