Quinn here, and as you all may or may not know I am taking part in this years Dancing with the Realtors competition, and training has begun. Holy wow I need to give credit to all the dancers out there, I have misjudged all of you, it is not easy work. I mean I knew I would suck, but I had no idea just how badly. Dancing alone is not that difficult, I have a musical theater background so following choreography isn't that hard for me. But learning movements with a partner is so much more of a challenge.

We are performing 2 dances, the 2 step, and the rumba and I am not good at both of them. So far our coach, Sergei has been a godsend, he takes the time to make sure each of us are understanding the material and not making a complete fool of ourselves. So come March 22nd we'll see how it goes.

Find out all the details on Dancing with the Realtors, HERE

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