She is one of my favorite women on television and this morning she could use our thoughts. According to the New York Post, fire tore through the daytime TV star's upstate New York home late last night (8-9-20) as fire crews battled to get the blaze under control.

Fortunately, according to her spokespeople, no one in her family, including Rachael, was hurt during the fire. The home had been used to film cooking segments for her show.

There is currently no word on what the cause of the fire may have been as authorities are still investigating. Additionally, there is no word on the condition of the home yet, though eyewitnesses indicated that during the fire, flames could be seen shooting through the roof in the main portion of the home.

Below is a video containing a picture compilation of last night's fire at Rachael Ray's New York Home.

We will continue to keep this story updated and include information on the fire's cause and the damage that was done when the information becomes available.

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