I guess if you live long enough you get to see everything. Apparently one of the "must do's" right now on social media is "ramen noodle baths"

Yes, it's actually a thing you can do. Why? Well, that's a whole other question.

The trend dates back as far as 2007 according to an article by Time magazine, however, it seems it's beginning to reach a craze recently by doing it yourself at home.

Why would someone pay money to sit in a hot ramen broth and stew with other people, or even just soak in your tub at home?

Here is what I have been able to gather.

It's Relaxing...as with most spa type treatments, you get to sit and relax with a bath that adds a little something extra. Who knew that a Ramen bath resolve this issue.

Apparently it also improves skin too. The Ramen broth is believed to improve the skin due to some collagen that is in the middle of all those hard to pronounce words on the package ingredients. This allows skin cells to rejuvenate and stay healthier.

Oh, and don't forget about it's effects on your metabolism.
Let's face it. After a certain age, most metabolisms just crap out. Unless you're a super exercise fanatic, chances are your metabolism could use the boost. The ramen baths are said to provide that boost in metabolism.

There is also a bit of braggin rights that go along with such a unique bath experience. Let's face it not many people can say they took a bath in a bowl of ramen. If anything, why not just do it to say you did it? If it eventually becomes a trending practice, you were one of the first to try it out. If it fizzles, you can say you were one of the few to try it out. Either way, you got your ramen on, and at less than .20 cents a package you could do it everyday if you wanted.

Sorry, I'm gonna sit this one out, but I will pass on the benefits to my wife, what she does with it is up to her.

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