Crazy, right!?  I am I guess what you would call ‘an adult’ and I went apple picking for the first time Sunday.

However, this did not just happen out of the blue....there is a good story.... 

I was there with my photography partner Thomas-john Veilleux from at the request of the man who was going to propose to his girlfriend that afternoon.  He wanted to capture the moment.  He asked. She said ‘yes’. Moment captured. They are adorable together.

But, back to me.

Ya…never been apple picking.  No one ever asked!

Yes..I would do that again! This all happened at Bailey’s Orchard in Whitefield.

But I do have a hint for you…go way to the side/back edge of the open orchard. SO many apples on beautiful trees and it’s quiet.  Everyone goes for the apple trees right as you come in.  Walk around…the scenery and apples are worth it.

The apple stash -Renee Nelson
The apple stash -Renee Nelson