It was an amazing first day at camp out hunger. Of course the best part of this job is always being able to give back to the community in someway around the holiday season.

This year, more than most others, the need for food in our communities has grown immensely. Due to the pandemic that rages on in the background, coupled with economic factors also brought on by the pandemic, there are more main people hungry now than there ever has been.

Renee Nelson from the moose morning show, had a conversation with major Patty Murray from the capital region Salvation Army today about just how strong the need is. Just in Augusta and Waterville alone they have seen the demand nearly triple for food based on what it was at the same time last year. This is what we use as a gauge to let us know just how important this year‘s camp out hunger event really is.

When we tell you that every single dollar and every single can of soup matters, we mean it from the bottom of our heart. This food drive cannot and will not be successful without the support and the contributions of the people that listen to our radio stations. This is so much more than just living in the Sam’s Club parking lot for a week. This is about making sure that the Mainers living in our very own communities have enough to eat for the rest of the year and into the next.

We are a tight-knit group of people in Central Maine and we cannot let those around us feel the pangs of hunger at any time, no matter the circumstances that are occurring in the world. If you are able this week, please stop by the Sam’s Club parking lot in Augusta and make a non-perishable food donation and help us fill our U-Haul trucks. And please remember, that every little donation adds up to a huge change for our community.

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