According to North Maine Woods, Gulf Hagas is a three mile long trail that runs along the Pleasant River.  Located in the East of Moosehead Lake and is part of the state and part of the Appalachian Trail Corridor, it is often referred to as The Grand Canyon of The East.  It is maintained by the National Park Service.

While this kind of natural beauty really needs to be seen in person, this drone video will give you an idea of how visually stunning the area is:

The ridge trail is, we've been told, not for beginners or small children.  The terrain is tough and portions of the rocky part of the trail are slick.  Additionally, should you have an issue, help could be hours away.  If you make the trip you should make sure you have a trail map, appropriate footwear (leave the stilettos and boat shoes at home), and a supply of food and drinking water.

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