According to the current re-opening plans, restaurants will be allowed to have limited dine-in customers starting June 1st.  The biggest problem with this is that it makes it very difficult for smaller restaurants (with narrow margins) to turn a profit.  They just cannot seat enough people inside under current distancing guidelines.

The City of Rockland may have found a work-around for this!

According to the Village Soup, the Rockland City Council is proposing that a section of Rockland's main street be closed to vehicle traffic

City Manager Tom Luttrell as gotten approval of the concept from the Maine Department of Transportation.  Luttrell said he was told that the state wants communities to be creative in order to help their small businesses survive.

The city has received a few emails from the owners and operators of downtown businesses.  Most in support.  Some do have concerns about the ability of delivery trucks to navigate the modified traffic patterns.  And, at least one business owner suggested the closing of the street only occur Fridays and Saturdays.

The city expects more details on how the project can be safely accomplished from the regional traffic engineer today (May 5th)

There will be a vote on Monday, May 11th.

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