When I saw Kimberly Cyrway's Facebook post Saturday asking for prayers for her dad, who had a heart attack on his way back from a D.A.R.E. gathering in Louisiana, I was stunned.

It appears Scott Cyrway, who's 60, was stricken during the flight home and his wife, Jill, was at the airport when he arrived.

Jill drove him to the hospital where they confirmed that he had a heart attack and, according to Kimberly, his heart stopped at one point.

I spoke with him on Saturday and he sounded good but tired. According to an article in the KJ, he was up and walking around yesterday. He may have to undergo open heart surgery but that's unclear right now.

Just get well soon, Scott! We love ya and are all pulling for you, buddy! You've made a big difference in a lot of lives over the years!