According to the Kennebec Journal, authorities from several agencies arrived on scene in Richmond yesterday after an altercation that led to one woman suffering an apparent heart attack.

The events unfolded yesterday (7-26-2020) at Richmond Karting Speedway in Richmond. According to reports, everything started as a children's race was getting ready to begin. A father became so angry about his child's starting position that he waled onto the track and pulled his child out of the race. Things eventually progressed into a verbal altercation with another father that escalated into punches being thrown and the altercation becoming physical.

It was at about that time that the man's wife collapsed to the ground. As luck would have it, there just so happened to be a Richmond Firefighter on hand to assist. Ian Alexander was at the track as a patron and not as a firefighter that day, though his training kicked in and began CPR. Also on hand, but not working, was Sheriff of Penobscot County, Troy Morton.

According to details of the event, the woman needed to revived several times before being taken to an area hospital. Details about her current condition are still unknown, though we will update this story with any new information that becomes available.

Throughout the ordeal, police interviewed several people as dozens were in attendance yesterday afternoon. Police took down names and phone numbers of those they interviewed in case of any necessary followup questions.

Officers indicated that, though no charges were filed at the scene, the possibility of disorderly conduct and even assault charges remain on the table and may be filed at a later date.

The track was closed for the remainder of the day on Sunday following the incident.

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