Normally, I don't delve too deeply into politics, but this is just too cool not to mention.

Independent U. S. Senate candidate Tiffany Bond does not want your campaign donations.  Instead, she wants you to support Maine through the #Maineraising campaign.

The concept is simple: donate to Maine-based charities and shop at Maine-based businesses, let them know the campaign is the reason you made the donation or purchase, and then post about it on social media using #MaineRaising.  Spending or donating money in-state makes Maine stronger as a whole.

Bond, a lawyer from Portland, feels that we waste way too much money on campaigns.  She feels that we could do a lot for Maine with that wasted money.

Bond is in the 2020 senate race.

I know of at least one Central Maine teacher who was able to purchase everything on her classroom wish list thanks to donations through this project.


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