Sunday looked like it was going to be a perfect beach day. It got a little overcast by the time we reached Popham Beach State Park, but it was beautiful. We hadn't been to the coast this summer. Then, the BIRDS!

We started the day with a little picnic at some tables set up, right before the beach entrance. The vast array of seagulls were just waiting for us. I think one might have even had a little Maitre'D suit on. They were everywhere! You could not look away from your food, let alone step away or they would...strike!

We survived lunch and headed to the beach. The girls immediately headed to the water, so I set up our chairs and other assorted stuff on the beach. Next thing I knew, this grey gull had Lexi's jewelery in it's mouth. It was a shell bracelet, but still! I guess it wasn't tasty, so he chucked it away! I was on guard after that. I didn't have any problems, except for that one time I napped and a seagull was pecking at my chin to catch the dripping 'Funyons' crumbs!

The worst part of the day was that any time a 'neighbor' got up from their stuff and walked away, the birds would dive bomb immediately and start going through their belongings. There was only so many times I could get up and shoo them away. So, I did the only other thing I could think of. I took pictures.

Seriously, the seagulls are out of control. I don't know what the solution is, other than restricting any food, but it has become a major nuisance. What do you think should be done?