There is something magical about fall in New England.  The mornings are cool (crisp?), the afternoons are warm, and everything is pumpkin spice flavored - donuts, coffee, even beer!  And, of course, everything is so colorful!

If you love seeing the yellows, oranges, and rich reds of fall foliage, you need to make a trip to New Hampshire to take a drive down scenic Route 112.


The Kancamagus Highway (AKA The Kanc)

While Route 112 nearly 60 miles long, the really scenic section is the eastern-most 32 miles.  This section of the road, which runs from Conway to Lincoln, is referred to as the Kancamagus Highway.

Or, you can just call it the Kanc.  However, don't you dare call it the Kanc-A-Mang-Gus.  Only tourists pronounce it that way.  No one will ever know why they say it that way, either.  I mean, come on...  Just look at the letters in the word!

The 30 mile trip takes you directly through the majestic White Mountain National Forest.  If you love hiking, the road will take you past numerous trailheads.  It even passes by a waterfall that, in the summer heat, is a great place to take a dip to cool off.  The highlight this time of year, of course, are the scenic overlooks that provide an unprecedented view of the fall foliage.

In addition to the amazing scenery, the road is just plain old fun to drive (or ride your motorcycle on).  It's twisty and windy.  It even features a hairpin turn!


Who Was Kancamagus

Like a lot of places in New England, the highway is named after a person.  According to Wikipedia, Kancamagus was the 3rd (and final) Sagamore of the Penacook Confederacy of Native American Tribes.  His name meant "Fearless Hunter of Animals".  In the late 1600s, he ruled what is now southern New Hampshire.  Later, as more settlers arrived from Europe, he made his way to northern New Hampshire.

 What Else Is There To Do In Northern New Hampshire?

It doesn't make much sense to drive from Maine (or Boston, or wherever) to New Hampshire just to drive a 30 mile stretch of road, does it?  Well, the good news is that part of New Hampshire has so much going on.  Tax free shopping, amazing restaurants, breweries, Story Land, Clark's Trading Post, and in the winter skiing / snowboarding.

Get more details HERE

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