It's a sure sign of summer and increasing heat indexes here in Central Maine. What is that sign? Well, thunderstorm warnings popping up frequently on seemingly sunny days here in the Pine Tree State.

According to WGME 13, much of Maine will have the perfect combination of weather conditions to spawn some potentially severe storms. And while it's not uncommon for Maine to see severe storms in the summer, it's still always important to be aware of when and where they might be happening so that you can take the proper precautions.

WGME meteorologist Dustin Bonk there will be a couple of things that will make a near-perfect recipe for some Maine thunder-boomers today. First is the warm front that is passing through Maine this morning and the second is a cold front that will be following close behind heading into the late afternoon and early evening.

Bonk says that the timeframe that poses the greatest potential for Maine thunderstorms is about 1-9 PM with the biggest threat being in the mountain areas. It looks like the threat to the coastal areas is minimal.

If you do happen to see a 'doozy' of a storm today and can safely snap a picture of it, do it and send it to us for our local storm gallery here at the radio station!

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