It was on this day, October 21, 21 years ago, Madonna's book, 'Sex' hit store shelves. No worries, there will be no pictures or descriptions of the book here but it goes to show how much of a trailblazer Madonna was for women in pop music.

I have no proof of this and it's only opinion but I wounder if people like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus or their managers ask themselves, "what would Madonna do?"

The goal for most celebrities is to stay relevant and nobody seems to have done than like Madonna. I will say, Madonna hasn't had a chart topper in over 10 years but she knows how to stay in the public eye.

Just remember any time an artist who is sane does something "out of character" it is probably for publicity. As offended as many were and maybe still about Miley Cyrus. It's just to generate buzz, talk and bank.

Who remembers Marilyn Manson? Back in the mid 90s he scared parents, same with Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne in their time.

Don't panic if a star changes their act. Take a few days or weeks to digest it and hindsight will most likely tell you, "it's stars doing what stars do."