The new HP
The new HP

When it comes to computers or related electronics in my home nothing can run smoothly, including updates and connected accessories. Maybe it's because we go cheap or what we have is outdated, I'm not really sure.

A case in point is our printer. About five years ago we bought a Kodak 'all-in-one' for which I think we paid $99.99. When we first got it, it worked fine but a year or so after something glitched in the communication with the computer and after that the printer was still usable, but it never really worked up to potential.

We never used the Kodak printer much and every time we tried, the ink was dried out or out all together and we had never or only once or twice written out a document since putting in the new ink. To scan a photo you had to go through photo library and click through a few different buttons where as before the glitch mentioned above, the printer would just scan with the scan button.

Being tired of the ink always drying out and having to circumvent the functions we decided to look for and buy a new 'all-in-one' printer. Basically in the end, our shopping boiled down to BJ's and Walmart. Walmart had a rollback on a $90 wireless 'all-in-one' printer from HP which included 'e-print' priced down to $70. It was hard to compare the price of the HP because the HP 3522 model looked to be a Walmart exclusive. Another printer we were looking at was a Canon MG3220 for $50 at BJs but we didn't go for that because Lynn wanted a printer that had individual color ink cartridges.

Another reason we went looking for a new printer was because Dylan is starting high school and we wanted him to be able to print from anywhere by emailing his documents right to the printer from a tablet or laptop depending.

We bought the Walmart HP printer but kept it our trunk and continued to look at options on Sunday. A couple of other options we looked at; an Epson for $60 and one printer that had an 'ADF' function for $100. After spending more time than we should have on this deal we kept the HP printer. We actually have both printers hooked up; not sure why but that is how it is right now.



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