Just curious of your thoughts about this. At what age does your child "age out" of this parent/member with infant parking spot? When I hear the word "infant" in think of a baby who can't walk yet. However if you still often to always carry your child through a parking lot because of drivers not seemingly watching by being preoccupied with grabbing a parking spot, then is it okay?

There is no law or overt store policy that I'm aware of, it's just the common sense or courtesy of the person using the parking lot. Vikki is almost two, but we still carry her because people drive seemingly too fast through the parking lot and to be fair, all parking lots. BJ's is who we use primarily for groceries and they have never said anything to us about using one of these "members with infants" spots.

We will give it up when Vikki is two. Your opinion is welcome, are we abusing the "infant" parking privilege?

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