If your family has been spending more time outside since the pandemic began, you are not alone.

With non-essential businesses closed, our entertainment choices became very limited overnight.  Basically, you could either binge watch TV, do home improvements, or take a walk.  At first, a lot of people were loving the fact that they now had time to re-watch the latest season of Stranger Things or repaint the living room, but that got real old, real quick.  Within days, people who rarely walked more than the distance between their house and their car (or, their workplace and their car), were looking for different places to take a walk.  In a way, it's kind of sad that it took a global disaster to get people to take advantage of the beauty in our own backyard.


Recently, we asked Moose listeners to tell us about their favorite their favorite nature walks and hikes.  Here are some of the highlights:

Augusta Greenway Trail - This trail, which runs from East Side Boat Landing to the old arsenal building, is just under a mile long.  It takes you along the Kennebec River.

Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area - Is a fairly expansive trail system in Phippsburg

Devil's Back Trail - You can find this trail system on Orr's Island in Harpswell

Gardiner Waterfront - At the south end of Gardiner's Waterfront Park, you'll find the trail head.  The trail is short and easily traversed.

Lake George Regional Park - Located near Canaan, it is a network of ten miles of trails partially encircling Lake George.  Highlights include Red Pines and a massive, glacial erratic boulder.

Mount Pisgah Conservation Trails - Consisting of two miles of trails, it is part of the Kennebec Land Trust.  One of the highlights of this trail system is the fire tower, which gives hikers an amazing view of the surrounding area.  Currently, however, the trail system is closed.


Please keep in mind that some of these trails may be closed, so please confirm they are open before heading to the trail head.  Also, please maintain proper social distancing.

Any trails we need to add to our list?  Send us a message through our app.

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