School is cancelled and I can still see the driveway. The Auburn School Department must have their reasons to cancel school today but it seems as though they could have gone ahead with a school day. At the risk of being cliche, it does seem we've gotten softer over the years in cancelling school.

When I was a kid there was actually a way to walk to school in the snow going downhill and, if we were lucky, the neighbors and homeowners on the way to school would have shoveled in front of their houses. So it wasn't as bad as the old folks claim. At any rate, it was truly a big deal to get a snow day when we were young.

What did I do during a snow day when we were young? Watched TV, including 'The Price Is Right.' "Yes that's right, you've just won a brand new 1982 Dodge Horizon with a sunroof, a retail value of 7,984 dollars, congratulations!!! Back to you, Bob!"

What else did we do? We played video games, maybe trudged the through the snow and headed over to a friend's house. Never much of a winter kid, so being in the snow for the sake of snow wasn't really my thing and still isn't. Bring on the green Christmas, and snow-less New Year. Let's keep it snowbank free through Presidents Day, that's what I say.

Back to the point about school cancellations during minor weather events; I know there are probably liabilities with greasy roads and school buses and nobody wants to be the reason a child gets hurt. The school adds the snow days in June, I believe. So in the thoughts of many, and really me included, with all joking aside, it's better to be safe than sorry. Enjoy your snow day kids and listen for cancellations this morning and throughout the day on 92 Moose Storm Center.