So far, we have had a really mild fall.  Yes, fall, because it is not really winter until the 21st of December.  We had a min-heatwave the first week of November and we have had a few rainy days, but no real winter weather.

That is about to change!  We are getting our first real winter storm of the season on Friday and Saturday.

So, what are the chances that our local schools will be having a snow day tomorrow?

According to the Snow Day Calculator, there is a very small chance that any of the schools in Maine will be getting a snow day on Friday.   There is about a 20% chance that Central Maine schools will be getting a snow day, no chance that northern and eastern Maine schools will be getting a snow day, and almost no chance that Portland area schools will be getting a day off.

Because the snow is not expected to roll into most of Maine until around 11 AM, this makes a lot of sense.  If anything, we could see some schools decide on an early dismissal.

When he was in middle school, David Sukhin started a journal of weather data.  He quickly realized that he could make school snow day predictions based on that data he had collected.  Years later, he created this website to provide hope to students and teachers who are looking for a day off.  The site gets about 250,000 visitors each time there is a snow storm.

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