I had a recent chat with my kiddo about the use of cell phones in school, and it got me thinking about whether there's an official policy regarding phone usage on school buses in Maine.

Do you remember our own school days, sitting on those buses? We used to chat with our neighbor and make plans for after school. Times have most certainly changed, and I know that I have to adapt to that.

As a mom, I've come to terms with the reality that technology plays a huge role in my child's life.

Is there an official policy for cellphone usage on school buses?

I couldn't find a statewide official policy for cellphone usage on school buses in Maine. However, individual schools may have their own specific rules and guidelines regarding cellphone usage on buses.

Depending on which school your child goes to, there may be specific regulations to follow when using a cellphone on the bus. Or, they may ban it altogether.

For example, MSAD 75, Topsham Maine's School District, has a full page of policy on cell phone usage. Based on what they wrote, it doesn't look like it's against the rules to use your phone on the bus.

If you're curious about the policies concerning your child's use of phones while on the school bus, take a look at your school district's website.

Times have definitely evolved since my own bus riding days, so it's good to stay informed about your school's specific regulations.

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