This morning, Mac made an off the cuff comment about how the Blue Moon this month (the second full moon of the month) was the brightest moon EVER in his yard. I got all up in his business insisting there was no way! Then he got testy and I got testy and we had a big ole quarrel right there on the radio...

Well, we both stood our ground. Listeners weighed in. One actually agreed with Mac saying it was the brightest moon ever. Another guy called in and played mediator saying he understood each of our points.

I did find out a couple of interesting things. June 23rd was a Super Moon...which is a "bigger and better" full moon...brighter, by all accounts, because of it's proximity to the Earth. IT was the brightest moon of the year.

Last month, July 22nd, was also a Super Moon. That, too, was bright (but, I guess, not as bright as June's). So I'll take creative license here, because I am "Narcissistic Jon," and say that June was a "super Super Moon" and July's was simply a Super Moon.

Knowing that the weather has been off and on cloudy most of the summer, I imagine that the moon was somewhat shrouded on those last two dates so the light wouldn't have been so bright. Given that fact, Mac may have seen the brightest moon ever in his yard (he said he could see his cat in the woods at 11pm). This month would have been brighter than an average moon but a couple of months removed from the super Super Moon.

Mac, I'm sorry for bustin' your chops, buddy, but you just make it so easy sometimes. You know I still wuv the moon and back.

Mac and Jon
The two of us...friends again...and matching, as usual.