I am blessed to be in a position where I meet ton of people. Believe it or not, I'm an introvert, a quiet guy who loves solitude and being alone with my thoughts more than most everyone in my family, save for my dad. In fact, I'm just like my dad in most ways.

That said, when I'm with people I love, admire and/or respect, I can't even begin to tell you how happy it makes me. For as much as I love peace, I love the energy I get from people who are just plain good...real. Again today, I got to spend some time with that quality of people who not only energize but, also, teach me that the simplest things in life are the most gratifying and satisfying.

Lorrie Ann Labonville and her besties, Jillian and Christie, taught me an important, hands on, lesson today about that. About giving with no expectation of anything in return except a smile from the receiver. Like a woman suffering from cancer. Or a little girl out with her parents. Or a surprised shopper inside WalMart looking down and more than a little weary.

Yep...I learned and was inspired. Sometimes people amaze me. For as much bad as we see in the world, there is so much good if you're looking for it. I think, sometimes, we just don't. We only want to see the bad. But now I know a small group of women with not ulterior motives or hidden agenda. Passing out hundreds of free hand made gifts which, cumulatively, cost a chunk of change plus a whole lot of time to make.

Inside each gift was a card giving a simple Facebook address. All that is asked is to sometime, if you can, pay it forward in some way to a person who needs a boost. That's my inspiration.

Simple, selfless, quick ways to make a small part of the world a little bit brighter.

Yes, for as much as I like solitude, I'm happy I "get out once in awhile" and allow my life to be enriched by the wonderful people I meet.

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