With the exception of a couple Dunkin' gift cards and some lottery scratchers, the adults in our family did not really exchange gifts this year.  I'm good with that.  There really isn't anything I need and just go out an buy what I do need.  And, because I am terrible at picking gifts, the ones that I purchase for other people frequently go unused (who knew that buying a  pink Red Sox shirt as the sole gift for your wife was a bad idea???).

Because of that, the well thought out gifts that I got from Annie and Denise are that much more special.

Augusta's Hussey School (probably other area schools, too) does a "Christmas Shop" so that kids can buy presents for their parents and other relatives without them knowing immediately what they're getting.  They bring in money, make the purchases, and get them wrapped.

Knowing I am a big Star Wars fan, they BOTH got me a Star Dad pen!  Check it out:

I love it!  And, since they both got me the same present, I have a backup!

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