Maine is full of all kinds of wildlife. And, for the most part, we're fortunate to not have a ton of wildlife that could (or wants to) kill you. You know, like those scary alligators in Florida and venomous snakes in Texas.

However, with that being said, sometimes we run into wildlife that doesn't seem like it quite belongs in the Maine woods, or the roadway for that matter.

Vienna, Maine, Google Maps
Vienna, Maine, Google Maps

In a public Facebook video posted by Melinda Cameron Turner on Sunday afternoon, there is a giant emu just casually strolling down the road in the small Maine town of Vienna.

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Now, we're pretty certain this isn't a 'wild' Emu from the North Maine woods that is out for a Sunday stroll, but more likely a 'pet' that somehow found itself out of an enclosure at a farm. Perhaps Dew Haven in Mount Vernon? That is just one town over from Vienna after all.

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