It's no surprise that one of the biggest worries about the current COVID-19 crisis is the fear about a second COVID-19 crisis, and according to health experts, that is likely to come this fall.

If there's any 'benefit' about the timing of coronavirus impacting Maine, it's that we were a little more than halfway through the state's 'normal' flu season. With a predicted second wave of coronavirus coming this fall, that means it'll likely hit again at the beginning of our flu season. A deadly combination.

At least now we have the benefit of warming weather, sunnier and longer days, and fairly good news in our numbers reporting each day from the Maine CDC. But what about this fall? Does that all change? What does this pandemic look like when the weeks drag on into colder days, longer nights, and an annual impending flu season?

That's why WGME's I-team has done some digging with Maine health professionals about what a fall coronavirus outbreak could potentially look like.

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