Yes, we understand that it is late fall, but that does not mean it is too early to start thinking about the 2023 camping season.  And, if you love The Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, or just love staying in non-traditional places, you need to take a look at these.

A campground in Southern Maine has Hobbit-themed cabins you can stay in!  It's like stepping into Middle Earth.

According to Only In Your State, Acres of Wildlife Campground, near the shores of Sebago Lake, now has three rental houses meant to look like the homes that Frodo, Bilbo, and the rest of the Hobbits inhabited in Tolkien's classic fantasy novels.

Each unit has a master bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a loft that has two carpeted sections (perfect for kids with their sleeping bags).  There's a sleeper sofa, too.  And, unlike real Hobbit holes, you don't need to cook over an open flame - there's a modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

According to their website, each one sleeps four adults and four children.

You're probably going to want to bring another family with you to share in the cost.  In the summer, they will rent for $320 per night or $1,720 per week.

Acres of Wildlife Campground is located on 30 acres of Maine forest, surrounded by 3,000 of State of Maine owned pines.  In addition to the campsites and cabins, the campground is also home to the Chub Pub Restaurant.  Fin them on Wildlife Road in Steep Falls, Maine.  For more info, give them a call at 207. 675.CAMP

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