If you ever went out in the woods as a kid, picked up a stick and fought imaginary beasties, you’ve LARP'd before!

I know I did. However, my fantasy was transforming my backyard into a fairy woodland, pretending I was a wizard, and turning everyone I don't like into frogs and stuff.

So we've all LARP'd before and probably didn't even realize. This isn't just "playing dress up" either, it's way more than that.

Garrett Leavitt via Google Drive
Garrett Leavitt via Google Drive
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Because of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Outlander, and so many other hit movies, LARP'ing is more popular then ever and we have so many members that are involved in this experience in Maine.

I was lucky enough to speak to local Maine Larper, Garrett Leavitt and he gave me an endless amount of info about how kick-ass this role playing is!

What is LARPing? LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing and it is steadily becoming a more mainstream activity across the globe and has been going on in Maine in an organized fashion for almost thirty years according to Garrett.

There are two dedicated LARP sites in Maine, The Maine Adventure Society Inc. in Jefferson, and Burgundar L3C in Harrison. Of note, Burgundar was recently featured in an episode of the hit TV Show, Maine Cabin Masters!

The genre's ranges from high fantasy, like Lord of the Rings, to post-apocalyptic, like Mad Max, and everything in between!

Garrett explained to me that each game has a set of rules, usually painstakingly designed and tested by a group of people who want to tell a particular story. He goes on to say,

"It’s collaborative storytelling, mixed with improv, puzzle solving, and rigorous physical activity. While the people running the LARP know how the story starts, and have a general idea of how it will end, everything that happens in between is up to you!
LARP is also fairly affordable in Maine."

Garrett, Maine Larper

Now, this is not free, the average event costs roughly $45. If you and your friends would like to get involved in this fantasy adventure here are some resources check out Maine Adventure Society, Mystwood, Out of The Ashes Larp, and Dark Times Larp!

Garrett was so great to send me many photos of his live action role play events and you can check them out below!

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