When asking for birthday gifts this year, my biggest request was concert tickets, andthe main group that I wanted to see was the Steve Miller Band. I grew up with only classic rock in the car, so it was no surprise when I heard he was coming that I begged my parents to get me tickets. They did, and I ended up in a fabulous section 2, row 14 seat. I was beyond excited about this.

I took my friend Sarah with me, and we had a blast. Both musicians are so talented, and I was amazed that they still had it after all those hard years of living in the 70’s. The best part of the concert came at the end when Sarah and I got up and danced for the last big songs (which happened to be Miller's most famous). I am honestly really thankful for the experience because I was exposed to music that I feel most of my generation has missed – the kind of music that feeds the soul.

I would like to end on a high note and give some unsolicited advice. When faced with the decision of going to a concert on a Thursday night, GO. Don’t wait for their next tour or the wistful hope that “you’ll see them someday,” because most of these great musicians are getting older and you never want the reason you missed out on an opportunity to be because you have work in the morning. So, get up and go! Dance to the music, sing loudly and way off key because concerts are meant to be experienced in person – not just from Spotify.

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