For decades, families from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, and beyond have been making memories at Story Land amusement park.  One of the great things about the park, which is located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, is that it offered something for kids of all ages.  From toddlers up to early teens.

Regardless of the current owner, the park has always looked to the future.  They were constantly updating the park, adding new rides, and adding new attractions.  For example, over the last decades or so, they have started adding attractions that would appeal to older teens and young adults.  The Roar-O-Saurus, for example.  And, in 2019, in the space that was formerly occupied by Heritage New Hampshire, they opened a full-on aquarium.

Of course, not all of the changes that have come to the park over the years have made people happy.  The latest change may anger at least a few families.

According to WGME, when the park opens in May, they will no longer be accepting cash.  Instead, all payments will need to be done through credit cards, bank cards, or mobile payment systems like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Guests that really want to continue to "use" cash will have the option of using a kiosk to convert their cash into prepaid Story Land cards.

The change was made to keep transaction quick and make them "safer".  Going cashless will make transactions safer in several ways.  First, there is less of a chance of a counting mistake being made when giving change.  Additionally, there is less of a chance of germs being spread through the passing of cash.

What are your thoughts about the change?  Do you like it or are you against it?  Let us know your thoughts by sending a message through our app or on Facebook.

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