Though the scene is cleared and the potential threat is over, it was a temporarily scary situation in one Maine town on Thursday afternoon.

According to News Center Maine, a suspicious package was noticed in the parking lot of a local eye doctor's office in the town of Windham, Maine on Thursday afternoon. This comes on the heels of the Buxton Hannaford being evacuated after an unattended pressure cooker was found in the parking lot that morning.

Fortunately, as it turned out, the pressure cooker at Hannaford had been accidentally left there by a customer. In Windham yesterday, the suspicious package prompted a heavy police response as well as a shelter in place order for surrounding businesses and homes.

It was just after noontime yesterday when police responded to the office at 656 Roosevelt Trail in Windham. The Portland Police Department and Maine State Police Explosive Teams reportedly also responded to the scene, News Center Maine reported.

The news station went on to explain that the temporary shelter in place order was subsequently lifted a little after 2pm after they determined that the package was not dangerous, nor did it contain any kind of explosive material.

Police say that as a precaution, they shut down parts of Route 302 and River Road while the investigation was ongoing.

There is no threat to the public at this time and the scene has since been cleared.

Currently, there is no word on exactly what was inside the seemingly suspicious package, though we will keep this story updated if more information becomes available to us.

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