We have talked about this a few times, but we are always looking for more. After all, we can not use actual swear words on the Moose Morning Show. That is, if we want to keep our jobs.

So, I threw it out to my social media friends on facebook and twitter, looking for new words. (Please free to add your own!)

By the way, thanks to Brittany Rose for retweeting and getting her followers in on the fun.

Here are some of my favorites that we just might add to our lexicon.
Jerkface McMuffin
bum nugget
Ding flabbit
Moon cricket
Cheese and rice
Oh mylanta...
Son of a biscuit eating bulldog.
Fudge Sticks
Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins
Son of a biscuit.
You bet your sweet Aspercreme!
Razzle frazzle puddin pie!
What the wabbledoo!?
What the monkey?!

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